EcoNet, a pioneering solution that facilitates the use of electric vehicles

According to Josu Irureta, Northern Area Representative of Thales España, "choosing an electric car is increasingly popular, but people are still quite reticent given the possible difficulties or doubts about charging. Questions such as knowing where to charge, how long it will take, points outside the habitual driving area, the state of the charging points, charging system… all these hindrances to the development of the electric vehicle are now addressed by EcoNet®, as it provides advanced administration and monitoring functions for the charging network currently in service in Spain, thus placing it within anyone’s reach regardless of which operator the driver may have contracted".

EcoNet® is a development of Thales España, one through which the Spanish company has sought to address the inconvenience of limited battery life. With the real-time solution provided by Thales, owners and drivers of electric vehicles can better plan and schedule a trip requiring long-distance driving without the fear of being left with a flat battery in the car.

A solution that enhances electric car sustainability

EcoNet® also helps in managing the origin of the vehicle’s energy source, as it allows users to select a renewable, clean source that ensures 100% sustainability of their means of transport without making an impact on the environment.

This application is thus a pioneering system in Spain and the only one with the ability to supervise massive charging point networks. In fact, EcoNet® has participated in the Basque Government’s IBIL Centre, which has the largest deployment of functioning nationwide charging points, developing the software for managing the charging points and for user management from the control centre. Thales España has also collaborated in the pilot project of the Andalusian Technology Park in Málaga.