Wind energy in Chile: wind farm in Ovalle

Pacific Hydro, a renewable energy company, wants to install wind turbines in a wind farm of 108 megawatts of wind power in Coquimbo.

After 4 years of measurements, renewable energy company Pacific Hydro submitted the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of Sierra Point, which have an installed capacity of approximately 108 MW and involves an investment of 250 million.

This wind power project will generate about 310 GWh / year, enough to power 175 000 homes and will be located in the town of Ovalle, 320 km from Santiago.

"For Pacific Hydro Chile this is an important step and represents our commitment as a company to continue investing in the country, both in the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects," said development manager of the company, Alfredo Zañartu.

The executive noted that the company carries out wind measurements since 2008 in the area and "project engineering experience we had the team of Pacific Hydro Australia, a country where wind farms already operate." Also in Brazil the company has two such projects in operation.

Pacific Hydro hopes to begin construction of the wind energy project in the first half of 2013, after obtaining the environmental permit. The investment for Sierra Point has been estimated at 250 million dollars.

"We projected that the construction period of Punta Sierra extends for 20 months. The wind farm will offset about 200,000 tons of CO2 per year, equivalent to removing 80,000 cars from circulation, "he said Zañartu.

Wind power in Chile

2002: 1 MW (-%)
2003: 2 MW (+100%)
2004: 2 MW (-%)
2005: 2 MW (-%)
2006: 2 MW (-%)
2007: 20 MW (900%)
2008: 20 MW (-%)
2009: 168 MW (740%)
2010: 172 MW (+2.4%)
2011: 205 MW (+19.2%)

By José Santamarta,