Intersolar Europe 2012: Solar thermal award to TVP Solar

Competing against over 3000 companies from China, Europe, North America and India, TVP Solar has been awarded the prestigious Intersolar AWARD for its MT-Power panel as most innovative product in 2012 within the solar thermal industry.

In its fifth year, the AWARD is attributed to pioneering technology debuting during the Intersolar exhibitions, which have either undergone industrial trials or are already in industrial use. Key decision criterion lay in innovation, efficiency and cost reduction, such as via materials, production methods and ease of integration. MT-Power provides high conversion efficiency at temperatures between 100-200ºC without concentration thanks to high-vacuum insulation. Its low-cost, mass manufacture design promises a market-changing product for industrial heating and cooling applications.

Combining traditional flat plate design with high-vacuum (the best thermal insulation), the MT-Power panels invented by Dr. Vittorio Palmieri suppress convection losses and maintain the fluid-flow entirely within the vacuum envelope, thus providing unrivalled performance at a low cost. MT-Power captures diffuse and direct light, effectively operating in any weather conditions (even dusty, humid, polluted environments), requiring zero maintenance and no concentrating mirrors. In addition, MT-Power features the Spot-Check™ visual high-vacuum verification technology for in-field troubleshooting, which is very relevant for large-scale installations.

A world first, MT-Power has received the internationally recognized Solar KEYMARK certification up to 200ºC. The testing was conducted by the ITW at the University of Stuttgart, concerning durability, reliability and performance, reporting the breakthrough result of 550Wth at 180ºC. The Solar KEYMARK certification was then issued by DIN Certco according to the EN 12975-1:2006-06 and EN 12975-2:2006-06 standards. As the main quality label for solar thermal, Solar KEYMARK provides eligibility for subsidies.

"After three years of development of the panel, our results are now undisputable and written stone. This gives certainty about our ability to operate with high efficiency for solar process heat and air cooling" says CEO Piero Abbate. "The Intersolar AWARD is the most recognized and competitive acknowledgement in the solar thermal world. This will provide us the extra credibility to penetrate the market."

TVP Solar expects MT-Power to revolutionize the solar industry and renewable technologies, serving large air-conditioning consumers, such as commercial/office buildings and data centres, with a payback period below 6 years without incentives in select countries.

MT-Power will be available for volume sales by the second half of 2013.

TVP Solar SA is a Swiss company which designs, develops, manufactures and markets innovative high-vacuum flat solar thermal panels based on patented technology. TVP Solar is a game-changer in the solar thermal industry, effectively competing with electricity in the cooling and industrial process heat markets, while introducing new thermal energy-producing roofs for the residential market.