Zephyr Corporation and Evance Wind Turbines announce collaboration

Zephyr Corporation (President and CEO: Tomoya Endo; Head Office: Tokyo; hereinafter "Zephyr") announces an alliance with Evance Wind Turbines Ltd. (CEO: Dr. Kevin Parslow; Head Office: Loughborough, U.K.; hereinafter "Evance").

Zephyr will work with Evance and Evance’s strong reselling network across Europe to accelerate sales of the ultra-lightweight and highly efficient Airdolphin, a 1kW rated wind turbine, the result of a Japanese government-industry-academia joint venture. Concurrently, Zephyr will bring Evance’s R9000 5kW wind turbine to market in Asia. The addition of the 5kW turbine to Zephyr’s product portfolio shall enable better servicing to customers with diverse environments and needs. The 1kW is better suited for the customer with the desire to incorporate wind energy but has limited space, and the 5kW shall fit the needs of the customer with larger space and energy needs. The interest in renewable and distributed energy is steadily rising in many regions of the world, and namely in Japan, where the new feed-in-tariff program starting in July is expected to spur demand.

Evance is a leading small wind turbine manufacturer, sharing with Zephyr the same high standards of technology and reliability in their product design and manufacturing. Evance’s 5kW small wind turbine has received several international certifications, and accounted for over 30 % of small wind turbines (1.5kW-15kW) sold last year in the United Kingdom.

Zephyr and Evance share the same ethos but differ in product range and geographical coverage, making this a highly complementary alliance. The two companies will embark on a long term working relationship, to jointly lead the global small wind turbine market.