Geothermal Energy in Philippines

The Department of Energy (DOE) conducted a public consultation meeting on Renewable Energy Safety, Health and Environment Rules and Regulations (RESHERR) last June 7 here, among stakeholders on renewable energy (RE) in Luzon.

The meeting aimed to inform and help the stakeholders to conform to existing safety rules and regulations on occupational safety and health.

Geothermal Energy Management Division OIC division chief Ariel Fronda explained that the RESHERR is in pursuant to the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 9513 , which is to encourage the sustainable development and utilization of RE resources as tools to effectively prevent or reduce the harmful emissions, and thereby balance the goals of economic growth and development with the promotion of health and safety, and the protection of the environment.

“Formulation of the RESHERR will serve as the policy guidelines in the RE operations and to ensure the safety and protection against hazards to health, life, and property as well as pollution of air, land and water in all the RE project,” he said.

According to Fronda, RESHERR will apply to all RE service/operating contractor and other entities, whether government or private engaged in RE Operations. It will also cover all activities related to exploration, development, and utilization of RE resources and manufacturing, fabrication, and suppliers of locally produced RE machineries, equipment, components and parts.

Participants to the said meeting are representatives from the Luzon Hydro Corp., Central Azucarera de Tarlac, AP Renewable Inc., SN Aboitiz Power, E- Power, Euro Hydro, SCPC, Pan Pacific Power, HEDCOR, Inc, EDC, Kadipo HPC, First Gen. HydroPower, APRI-MAKBAN, Local Government Units of Ilocos Sur, DOLE-CAR, PRC-MAGMA, SKI-Geothermal, KBHPC, Northwind, SHAPES, PANENERGY Corp., BENECO, National Power Corporation, AND SLU-Mining, AP Gen.

Other DOE officials present during the said consultation meeting include DOE Renewable Energy Management Bureau Director Mario Marasigan and Josefino Adajar who presented the RESHERR.