Ethiopia to Study Potential for $250 Million Wind Farm

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation is in the process of identifying a suitable site and laying the groundwork to hire contractors although financing for the 250 million project is yet to be established.

The contractors will undertake environmental and social impact assessment and investment cost estimations as well as economic and financial analysis said Miskir Negash, Head of Communication with the EEPCo.

Assela Wind Farm which is expected to have an installed capacity of 100 MW is one of the six wind farms planned in the five year economic plan development plan adopted by the nation. The other wind farms are Ashegoda (120MW), Ayisha (300MW), Adama I (51MW), Adama II (50MW) and Debre Berhan (100 MW).

Ethiopia borrowed 322 milion US dollars from external sources for the construction of the Adama I and Ashegoda wind farms. The wind energy projects are part of efforts to diversify the power supply in the country to ensure sustainability and reliability according to Miskir.

The EEPCo expects to double its customer base by 2014-15 increasing its electric supply to 10 thousand MW with 800 MW coming from non hydro power renewable energy sources he said.