GE?s 2.75 MW Wind Turbines to Power New Wind Farm on Sweden?s West Coast

Swedish Energy Developer Triventus to Install GE’s Wind Turbines near Falkenberg Triventus Wind Farm Scheduled to Begin Operating in Second Quarter of 2013 Project Illustrates Growing Popularity of GE’s Wind Energy Technology in Sweden.

GE (NYSE: GE) today announced that Swedish energy developer Triventus Wind Power AB will use GE’s proven wind turbine technology to power a new 27.5-megawatt (MW) wind farm project being built near Falkenberg on Sweden’s west coast.

GE will supply Triventus with 10 of its 2.75-103 wind turbines. When it begins operating, the wind farm will generate enough renewable electricity to power the equivalent of 7,500 houses in Sweden. Like other Swedish wind farms, the Triventus project will be supported through the country’s green certificate support system.

Most of Sweden’s domestically generated energy traditionally has been produced by nuclear power plants and hydroelectric facilities. However, to comply with the European Union’s Renewables Directive, Sweden is working to expand wind farm installations throughout the country, according to the Swedish Wind Energy Association.

“Given Sweden’s need to expand the role of wind energy, GE’s wind turbine technology has a proven track record of reliability and efficiency to ensure our project is successfully implemented on schedule,” said Linda Pålsson, MD Triventus Wind Power.

GE Energy will deliver the wind turbines to the project site during the first and second quarters of 2013. The wind farm is scheduled to begin commercial service in the second quarter of 2013. GE Energy also will provide maintenance support to the units under a five-year service agreement.

The Triventus wind power project is located close to two other wind farms that also are powered by GE’s wind turbines, illustrating the acceptance of GE’s wind energy technology in the country.

"With the 2.75 turbine, Triventus is investing into a technology that is built on the proven 2.5 platform. The solid design of this platform ensures high availability rates and with that supports the country’s renewables targets in the long run,” said Stephan Ritter, GE’s general manager for renewable energy in Europe.

In 2011, GE announced that Stena Renewable Wind Energy Company would deploy 40 of GE’s 2.5-100 units for four new wind farms in the southern Swedish municipalities of Laholm Boxholm and Mjölby.

Also in 2011, GE and Göteborg Energi began installing a 4.1-113 offshore turbine in the Gothenburg harbor in Risholmsvägen, marking the first commercial application of GE’s 4.1-MW technology. The new turbine, which produces enough electricity to supply 3,000 Swedish homes per year, recently completed its first test run with an availability rate of over 99 percent. The test run was conducted in cooperation with Göteborg Energi and Gothenburg-based Chalmers University.