Solar Power Production Achievable for the Masses

KISAE Technology, the Hong Kong-based electronics developer and manufacturer, announced the launch of its plug and play solar power kits which allow home and vacation home owners, RV’ers and boaters to install and use their own solar power generating systems.

"Consumers have long been interested in being able to use the power of the sun to run their home appliances, tools, and electronics," said Lawrence Neill, KISAE Director and Founder. "Whether it be a concern for the environment, a quest for independence from the utility grid, or a basic desire to have peace of mind during a power outage, people are very serious about wanting to harness the sun’s energy and simply and easily turn it into the kind of power they can use in their daily lives. The problem has been that they do not have any idea where to start, and when they do start investigating potential solutions, they quickly become overwhelmed by the complex questions of what components to purchase and how to put them together into a system."

Noting this need and demand, KISAE ("Keep It Simple Alternative Energy") has launched a line of Home Solar Kit products that combine all the elements one needs to produce energy at home in simple, ready-to-use packages that can be installed and powering AC loads in minutes.

The Home Solar 1800 (retail $1500.00) produces 1800 watts of power by converting its internal batteries into household AC power. An 80W folding solar panel sized specifically for the enclosed battery bank will recharge the batteries when they run down. A built-in transfer switch ensures that appliances that are plugged into the products can run from normal utility power when available, but will transfer automatically to the Home Solar Kit’s power when a disruption occurs. And easy snap connectors allow an auxiliary battery bank (sold separately) to easily expand your run times when needed.

Smaller, less expensive 400 watt and 800 watt models are ideal to power less power-hungry loads such as computers, printers, lights, radios, and small TV’s.

"The products are incredibly versatile and useful," says Neill. "We are already receiving inquiries from cabin owners that are living off-grid, from home owners wishing to create their own back-ups, and from international markets where power is either sporadic or non-existent. The new Home Solar Kit lineup is representative of our commitment to serve these diverse markets which have one thing very much in common: the desire for simple, easy-to-use products that make it possible to generate one’s own electricity and replenish it using natural resources."

This timely launch of a company and products will cement KISAE as the leader in developing user friendly power technology for the masses.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, KISAE was founded in 2010 by a team experienced in developing and manufacturing power electronics technology items. In addition to the Home Solar Kit products, KISAE also produces DC to AC power inverters for cars, boats, RV’s and trucks, and solar charge controllers that ensure that the sun won’t overcharge one’s batteries. More information on KISAE and its product line is available on the Web at:

KISAE Technology is a unique power solutions company that develops and markets GREEN energy solutions. Our goal is to show the world how easy it is to bring solar power into everyday life; whether at home, the cottage, campsite or the boat.