1,000 charging stations for electric vehicles to be in place in Hong Kong

The Government today announced that 500 charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) will be installed for public use by the end of June this year. Together with the standard charging facilities installed by the private sector, this means that the total number of charging stations will reach 1,000.

The Financial Secretary, Mr John C Tsang, today officiated at a launch ceremony for government EV charging points at Star Ferry government car park. Following the completion of their installation, charging facilities at 18 government car parks in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories will commence operation by the end of June for use by EV users.

"As an environmentally friendly means of transport, EVs have become more popular in recent years. By last month, there were more than 310 EVs in Hong Kong. As compared to 74 EVs in 2010, the increase in number is encouraging," said Mr Tsang.

"To promote the use of EVs it is essential to put in place a comprehensive public EV charging network. The 1,000 charging stations will be located in the 18 districts territory-wide.

The network will facilitate not only the future development of EVs in Hong Kong but also enhance public confidence in using these vehicles. In addition to the standard charging facilities, the number of quick chargers in Hong Kong will be increased from five to 10 by the end of this year.

"We will take the lead by introducing more EVs to the government fleet. At present, there are 33 EVs of various models in the government fleet.

In the coming months an extra of 42 EVs will be delivered to various government departments for their use. We also plan to procure more than 140 new EVs of different types in this financial year," Mr Tsang added.

At today’s event, various brands and models of EVs being used by the Government and private and public institutions are also being exhibited. Details of the locations of charging facilities for EVs are available on the website of the Environment Bureau at