Bosch to produce own lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles

German automotive technology group Robert Bosch GmbH plans by 2016 to produce batteries for electric vehicles independently from Japanese manufacturers, Bernd Bohr, chairman of Bosch’s automotive unit, says in a pre-release of German magazine Focus over the weekend.

By that time, Bosch won’t need Japanese technology and knowledge any more, on which today it is still dependent, Bohr is quoted as saying.

In the second half of this year, Bosch wants to bring a lithium-ion battery to the market for the first time, initially intended for marine use.

Earlier this month, Bohr told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview that Bosch is in talks to restructure an automotive battery joint venture with Samsung, and plans to seek partners to build a European supply-base for lithium-ion auto batteries.

Bohr also said in that interview that the company’s European automotive customers want a supply source in Europe for advanced automotive batteries used in hybrid and all-electric vehicles.