Offshore wind power: Gamesa ends U.S. offshore wind turbines plans

Gamesa and collaboration partner Newport News Shipbuilding have ended plans to build a G11X-5 MW offshore wind turbine prototype off the coast of Virginia. The companies said the prospectus for the U.S. offshore wind energy market and regulatory conditions do not justify moving on with plans, a statement from Gamesa said.

“Demand is being tempered by economic and financial factors and the difficulties being encountered by wind farm developers in accessing credit,” said Jorge Calvet, chairman and CEO of Gamesa. “Based upon the current situation, the U.S. wind farm market appears to be set to develop later than others.”

The Virginia Marine Resources Commission approved the plans in March to build the 5 MW wind turbine in Chesapeake Bay, which also included the Offshore Wind Technology Centre. The center will be shutting down at the end of 2012. Gamesa will design and install the prototype off the coast of Spain instead.

By José Santamarta,