Global and China Lithium Ion Batteries

New Report Added in ResearchMoz Reports Database Global and China Lithium Ion Battery Industry 2012 Deep Research Report

2012 Deep Research Report on Global and China Lithium Ion Battery Industry was a professional and depth research report on Global and China Lithium Ion Battery Industry.-

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Firstly the report describes the background knowledge of Lithium Ion Battery, including Concepts Classification Manufacturing process technical parameters raw materials and cost structure etc; then statistics International and China 26 Manufacturers Lithium Ion Battery product 2009-2016 Capacity production cost price production value profit margins and other relevant data, statistics these enterprises Lithium Ion Battery products, Product Specifications, company background information, then summary statistics and analysis the relevant data on these enterprises.-

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The report got Global and China Lithium Ion Battery companies production market share, Global and China Lithium Ion Battery demand supply and shortage, Global and China Lithium Ion Battery 2009-2016 production price cost profit production value profit margins, production market share by different applications(mobile phone electric tools automotive energy storage etc) by regions (China Japan Korea etc) etc.

At the same time, the report analyzed and discussed supply and demand changes in Lithium Ion Battery market and business development strategies, conduct a comprehensive analysis on China Lithium Ion Battery industry trends. Finally, the report also introduced 30Million Pieces/year Lithium Ion Battery project Feasibility analysis and related research conclusions. In a word, It was a depth research report on Global and China Lithium Ion Battery industry. And thanks to the support and assistance from Lithium Ion Battery industry chain related experts and enterprises during QYResearch LIB Research Team survey and interview.

Table of Contents Chapter One Lithium Ion Battery Industry Overview 1 1.1 Definition 1 1.2 Classification 2 1.3 Lithium Ion Battery Electrochemical Performance Parameters 3 1.4 Lithium Ion Battery Working Principle 4 1.5 Lithium Ion Battery Composition and Structure 5 1.6 Lithium Ion Battery Performance and Characteristic 7 1.7 Lithium Ion Battery Application 8 1.8 Industry Chain Structure 12 1.8.1 Cathode Materials 14 1.8.2 Anode Materials 18 1.8.3 Lithium Ion Battery Diaphragm 20 1.8.4 Electrolyte 23 Chapter Two Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturing Technology and Process 26 2.1 Manufacturing Process 26 2.2 Product Line Equipments 29 Chapter Three Lithium Ion Battery Production Supply Sales Demand Market Status and Forecast 33 3.1 Lithium Ion Battery Productions Overview 33 3.2 Mobile Phone Electric Tools Automotive Energy Storage etc Different Applications Lithium Ion Battery Production Market Share 42 3.3 China Korea Japan Three Countries Lithium Ion Battery Production Market Share 44 3.4 Demand 45 3.5 Lithium Ion Battery Supply Demand Shortage 51 3.6 Lithium Ion Battery Price Cost Production Value Gross Margin 52 Chapter Four International Lithium Ion Battery Key Manufacturers 53 4.1 Sanyo (Japan) 53 4.2 Sony (Japan) 57 4.3 Maxell (Japan) 60 4.4 Panasonic (Japan) 63 4.5 Samsung SDI (Korea) 67 4.6 LGC (Korea) 70 4.7 E-one Moli (Taiwan) 73 4.8 A123 (United States) 77

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