New Fire Management Solutions for Electric Vehicles

LithFire-X LLC, a Detroit-based company, has launched a new line of products and services designed to prepare organizations that manufacture, store, or utilize Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) battery technologies for unforeseen fire events. The company provides fire extinguishing systems, extinguishing agents, and fire response training to customers who employ these technologies.

The growth in the lithium-Ion battery industry has been staggering. While Li-Ion technologies are generally effective and offer many benefits, they do have a down side. They are subject to a growing fire concern. There have been a number of recent fire events around the world that have raised a red flag regarding Li-ion battery safety. These occurrences are generally associated with electric vehicles, but can be found in other platforms as well.

“When you pack that much energy into any storage system, the fire risk rises. The energy contained inside naturally wants to escape, so packing it into a closed system like a battery creates the risk of an uncontrolled energy release as in a fire or explosion,” said Gerry Flood, senior partner at LithFire-X. “The real key for those organizations that employ Li-Ion technologies is to understand the risks and prepare for the unforeseen fire event.”

“LithFire-X integrates multiple disciplines to provide the best fire management solutions for our customers,” said Ron Butler, Senior Partner at LithFire-X. “Our goal is not to demonize Li-Ion battery technology; in fact, we think it represents a great alternative energy solution. We are, however, in the business of keeping people, fleets, and businesses safe, so we advocate preparedness.”

Aside from the life safety issues, many businesses are concerned with the potential insurance underwriting, legal, and regulatory costs of ignoring the problem. These concerns will only grow, as industry experts forecast an increasing demand for Li-Ion technologies in the very near future. “We agree with the predictions that Li-Ion platforms, certainly electric and hybrid vehicles, will increasingly dominate their industries,” said Ron Butler.