WEPOWER Ecolutions Ships New Wind Turbines to Chile

WEPOWER Ecolutions Sells and Ships Their New Seahawk2 KDS Vertical Axis Wind Turbines to GMS Mining Company in Santiago, Chile.

WEPOWER Ecolutions Inc. (the "Company"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Premier Holding Corp. (OTCBB: PRHL), an energy service provider and integrator of clean-energy solutions ("WEPOWER"), is proud to announce its first sale and shipment of three new WEPOWER Eco Seahawk2 700w KDS vertical axis wind turbines (VAWTs) to GMS Mining for deployment in their mining operations in Santiago, Chile.

"We are very pleased GMS Mining has purchased our new Seahawk2 KDS wind turbines because of their application to support their business functions," said Kevin Donovan, CEO of WEPOWER Ecolutions Inc. "GMS wanted to show the green side of mining. We are looking forward to a long-standing relationship with GMS and we’re dedicated to providing exceptional, innovative, renewable energy ecolutions to the mining industry through our entire best-of-class clean-technology portfolio in wind, solar PV, intelligent lightning and smart-control power systems."

GMS Mining decided to go with the Company’s newly designed and upgraded Seahawk2 KDS due to the wind turbines’ high durability and high performance under extreme conditions. All three Seahawk2 KDS power systems are scheduled to be installed next week in GMS Mining’s operations. GMS is a Mining Information Technologies group dedicated to the management of information through the use of wireless technologies with next-generation software and hardware designed as a specific solution for each of their clients. Their services are utilized through underground mining, open-pit mining, and the industrial production process. GMS and Ingentech are partner companies. Ingentech controls the installation and design while GMS handles the engineering and integration of their systems.

WEPOWER is a U.S. energy service company (ESCO) based in the Los Angeles area, that offers renewable energy production and energy efficiency products and services to commercial middle-market companies, Fortune 500 brands and developers and management companies of large-scale residential developments. WEPOWER’s business is focused as an integrator of clean-technology solutions in the U.S., with strategic expansion plans in Latin America, Asia and Europe. WEPOWER’s core business expects to deliver green solutions, branded specifically as WEPOWER "ecolutions," which includes best-of-class alternative energy technology portfolios in wind turbines, solar power systems, green roofs, smart lighting controls, LED lighting, battery storage power plants, energy and power control management systems, fuel reduction solutions for transportation, and other clean technologies specific to its market. Additional integrated business offerings will include direct energy services as power purchase agreements (PPAs), energy financing and leasing of solar power and wind-power generation programs in urban and rural real estate environments.