Navigant releases 7th annual edition of photovoltaic solar energy report

Navigant (NYSE: NCI) announced that its Solar Services Program has released Photovoltaic Manufacturer Shipments, Capacity & Competitive Analysis 2011/2012. This detailed annual report provides analysis of photovoltaic (PV) industry shipments, capacity, and average prices and revenues, along with a five-year forecast of technology shipments to 2016.

In 2011, PV industry shipments to the first point of sale (first buyer) grew by 35%—from 17.4-GWp in 2010 to 23.6-GWp in 2011. While 2011’s 35% shipment growth can be considered strong, it was less than the 120% experienced in 2010, and was not accompanied by a strong increase in technology revenues, which grew at rate of just 4% over the previous period. Given the low to negative margins and net losses experienced on the manufacturing side of the industry in 2011, this report provides valuable insight into how manufacturing capacity, shipments, revenues and prices will work in a low incentive environment over the long-term.

“The solar power industry has entered an expected correction, and unfortunately will experience more upheaval before it’s over,” explained Paula Mints, a Director at Navigant and Principal Analyst for its Solar Services Program. “Despite 2011’s flat technology revenues and softening market, the PV industry will emerge a leaner, more nimble industry after overcoming the current challenges. This year’s supply report speaks to both past and current struggles, and is a tool to begin outlining future competitiveness.”

This 260+ page, seventh annual edition of the report includes more than 150 charts and tables, and provides detailed analysis of photovoltaic industry shipments, capacity, average prices and revenues – all based on primary research – along with an analysis of the industry’s growth and competitive position.

The report includes:

Average selling price for PV technologies with a complete trend line from 1986 to 2011 and forecast out to 2021, as well as analysis of average technology prices by buyer category as well as for thin film and crystalline technologies
Annual shipments of PV technologies broken out by region, manufacturer, and technology
Discussion of 2011’s top PV manufacturers, including shipment and revenue data, and an overview of the 15 manufacturers shipping >3% of total
Analysis of industry capacity utilization and a breakdown of capacity by manufacturer and region
Competitive overview of 2011’s top ten PV manufacturers
Forecast and discussion for Concentrating Solar Power, HCPV and LCPV
Appendix providing overview of available module products