Concentrating solar power: Glass Point Solar wins engineering innovation award for enhanced oil recovery

On May 1st, 2012, GlassPoint Solar (Fremont, California, U.S.) announced that it has received a special meritorious award for engineering innovation in the enhanced oil recovery (EOR) category by Hart Energy’s “E&P magazine”, the oil and gas industry’s publication on exploration and production.

GlassPoint’s concentrating solar power (CSP) EOR solution was selected for both its technical and economical achievements, delivering fixed-price, zero-emissions steam for thermal recovery projects worldwide.

“In the Middle East, scarcity of natural gas is limiting the production capacity of many oil fields. At a time when operators want to increase production they find themselves unable to do so for lack of natural gas supplies,” GlassPoint President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rod MacGregor said.

“GlassPoint steam generators supply steam for EOR enabling operators to expand production without consuming additional natural gas.”

GlassPoint’s enclosed trough technology produces solar steam for costs competitive with gas-fired steam production. Designed specifically for operation in rugged and remote oilfield environments, the company’s steam generators allow operators to expand production in fuel or emissions constrained environments.

“Operators in North America are facing similar problems where production expansion is limited by an increasingly challenging regulatory environment,” MacGregor added.

“By using GlassPoint steam generators, our customers in North America can increase production without increasing emissions of any kind.”