Strong Growth Ahead for the Storage Sector

In a newly released report Storage Annual 2012: More in Store, the PHOTON Consulting team forecasts that the storage sector is poised for a period of rapid growth in the next five years. Much like the rapid growth of the solar power sector, the growth of the storage sector will be driven by high demand elasticity and important transitions to stronger end-customer value propositions for many new storage products and segments. The report provides volume, price, cost and profitability projections across 20 geographic markets and market segments and 11 application segments, including traditional auto, e-bikes, PV+storage and commercial fast response. PHOTON Consulting’s report also shares projections of ten storage technologies including lead acid, Li-ion and advanced lead acid.

In addition to these analyses, Storage Annual 2012: More in Store highlights three valuable and timely strategic implications for storage executives and investors looking to capitalize on the coming period of rapid demand growth. These implications carry actionable strategic recommendations across the primary corporate functions of a storage company (Strategy, Finance, Procurement, Operations, Marketing, Sales, R&D/Product development and Human resources), providing tools to drive volume up, price up, cost down and risk down.

"In the next five years, the storage market is poised for 2X volume growth, 2X revenue growth and 3X operating profit growth," said PHOTON Consulting CEO Michael Rogol. "Storage Annual 2012 contains strategies that executive teams can put into immediate action to capture value in this period of growth."

Storage Annual 2012: More in Store contains a rigorous screen of over 400 companies, profiling nearly 40 storage companies that are best positioned to win in the sector based on the screening process. The report identifies nine Leaders, twenty two Potential leaders and eight "Watch list" companies. Find out who these companies are so that you can implement strategies to capture value on par with the industry’s leading players.