Solar power for electric vehicles

Zam Energy honored as part of President Obama’s “Winning the Future” Initiative. Imagine transforming every parking lot in the United States into a clean energy plant. Recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change for Innovations for Renewable Energy, Erin Geegan, CEO of Zam Energy, aims to revolutionize parking facilities by installing solar energy carports to create energy and charge electric vehicles.

Geegan, a resident of Boulder, Colo., will be honored on April 19 as part of President Obama’s “Winning the Future” initiative that recognizes American leaders for advancing new ideas that support a sustainable future.

To watch the event live, visit at 12:30pm ET on April 19th.

“The goal of our work is to empower the American people by making it a reality to efficiently fuel their own vehicles with home grown energy,” Geegan said. “It’s an opportunity to support the American economy while bringing hope to future generations and the state of the planet.”

In addition to reducing carbon dioxide emissions, smog and U.S. dependency on foreign oil imports, the clean energy solution could be exported globally in the future creating manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

With about 2 billion parking spaces nationwide consisting of more than one-third of most metropolitan areas, Zam Energy plans to install the solar development parking system in large parking lots including airports, shopping malls, sports complexes as well as large corporate campuses to improve operational efficiency for fleet owners.

“Our vision is to turn more than 500 million parking spaces into sustainable real estate,” Geegan said. “But the ultimate achievement and the most exciting part of our work is that America has the opportunity to emerge as a world leader in the clean tech revolution.”

Zam Energy develops commercial and institutional carport solar energy facilities equipped with Electric Vehicle Charging to offer a carbon free way to generate energy powering America’s future. Zam Energy is a next generation solar developer designing aesthetically pleasing solar landscapes for stadiums, campuses, airports, parking structures and public places that range from 250kW to 3MW. It turns parking places into clean energy centers, using solar carports that are integrated with charging systems so drivers can enjoy charging their electric vehicle with solar energy or the grid.