Wind energy in India: Suzlon, Enercon, Regen Powertech lead the wind farm market

In 2011-12, which saw the addition of 3,163.43 MW of wind power capacity to the country, two home-grown companies — Suzlon and Regen Powertech — came among the top five suppliers, occupying No.1 and No.3 slots. Vestas and Gamesa occupying No. 5 and No. 4. 

Regen Powertech’s performance is noteworthy because it is just a four-year-old company. Regen produces gearless, permanent magnet-based wind turbines from its plant near Chennai, with technology from Vensys of Germany.

The addition of the 3,163.43-MW came across seven States, with Tamil Nadu retaining its top position. Gujarat followed with 790 MW (24.98 per cent), Rajasthan 545.65 MW (17.25 per cent), Maharashtra 408 MW (12.90 per cent), Karnataka 178.65 MW (5.65 per cent), Madhya Pradesh 100.40 MW (3.17 per cent) and Andhra Pradesh 54 MW (1.71 per cent).