The US DoT grants $29 million to Gestamp Wind Energy

Gestamp Wind receives in the United States $29 million out of the incentive funds for the renewable energy sector due to the investment made in the wind farm Petersburg (Nebraska).

Gestamp Wind, the wind energy division of Gestamp Renewables (Corporation Gestamp) has been granted with $29 million by the United States Department of the Treasury. This was given as part of their legal framework to incentive the economy, due to the start up of the commercial operation of the wind farm Petersburg, in the state of Nebraska.

The wind farm is composed by 27 wind turbines with GE Technology of 1,5 MW each, summing up 40 Megawatts of nominal installed wind power.

Javier Mateache, CEO of Gestamp Wind North America, stated that “Gestamp wind has received a total of $106 million given as cash grants” he also stated “We have a total of 150 MW operating in the United States and 26 MW under construction in Puerto Rico, all of them with long term PPA contracts. To date, the activities of Gestamp Wind in the United States consist of one third of our total global business”.

By José Santamarta,