Tax credit key to wind energy development

We, the commissioners of Wheatland County, support the Federal Production Tax Credit. The wind farms in our county have created high-quality jobs that brought responsible people to our community. These people participate in the community and bring children to our schools. There were ten permanent jobs created with the potential for more. In addition, property taxes paid from wind farms have improved our county’s financial position, allowing our county to improve our infrastructure.

With the help of the additional taxes from the Judith Gap Wind Farm, Wheatland County has benefited greatly. We have a new county shop and fire hall, a great tax base as well as a grant program that benefits nonprofit organizations in our county.

The potential for more wind farms is in jeopardy if the U.S. Congress does not vote to extend federal tax incentives such as the Federal Production Tax Credit Support is needed from Sen. Max Baucus, Sen. John Tester and Rep. Dennis Rehberg as well as the Montana public to ensure progress continues and that Montana meets its full potential.

Tom Bennett, Chairman

David Miller

Richard Moe

Wheatland County Board of Commissioners