Rockwood Holdings, Inc. Rebrands Global Lithium Business as Rockwood Lithium

Rockwood Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: ROC) today announced that its global lithium and special metal compounds business will trade under the new brand name Rockwood Lithium.

Currently Rockwood uses several brand names in the market, including Chemetall – the lithium company, Chemetall Foote and Sociedad Chilena de Litio (SCL). All of these brand names have been replaced by Rockwood Lithium. In the United States the business will be called Rockwood Lithium Inc.

Rockwood Lithium is the global market leader for lithium compounds and one of the largest lithium raw material producers. The company is also a leading provider of special metal compounds based on cesium, barium, titanium and zirconium.

Commenting on this, Rockwood Chairman and CEO Seifi Ghasemi said, “With the rapidly expanding markets for lithium ion batteries and metal organic chemicals, and in particular with the potential for growth in lithium batteries for electric vehicles, Rockwood is unifying its businesses under the Rockwood Lithium brand name. We intend to be the leading global brand for sophisticated products, high level customer service and sustainable production to satisfy customer needs.”

Rockwood Holdings, Inc. is a leading global inorganic specialty chemicals and advanced materials company. Rockwood has a worldwide employee base of approximately 9,700 people and annual net sales of approximately $3.7 billion. The company focuses on global niche segments of the specialty chemicals, pigments and additives and advanced materials markets.