AKO has been awarded in a tender of the Consol-Orellana Concentrated Solar Power Plant

AKO, the leading Spanish company in Temperature Regulation and Control using Electrical Heat-Tracing solutions, has been awarded the supply and installation of its AKO, TRACE® turnkey solution for the Consol-Orellana Concentrating Solar Thermal Power Plant, which is planned to be started in March 2012, in the town of Orellana La Vieja (Badajoz-Spain).

Last December, the company started the research work for the drafting, preparation and presentation of the Technical-Financial study of this ambitious project, promoted by the company ACCIONA ENERGÍA and the support of GHESA engineering firm, who have put all their trust in AKO, as the leading company with growing activity in the renewable energies market, committed to Electrical Heat-Tracing cable technology for parabolic trough and concentration tower Thermo-Solar Power Plant Projects.

Last January of 2012, the project work of the Consol-Orellana thermo-solar power plant has started. It has parabolic trough collectors for 124 loops, and will have a power of 50 MW, which will represent around 175 GWh a year, capable of covering the power supply of 30,000 households.

AKO provides its AKO, TRACE® turnkey solution that includes different aspects: from studying the application in its research and development area, Project Engineering, as well as having a Project and Works Management for the correct installation and supervision of the works, and guaranteeing the quality of the equipment, and integrity, workers’ safety and respect for the environment.

Another of the determining factors for the awarding of the project has been AKO and ACCIONA ENERGÍA working together in the last four Thermo-Solar projects that the latter has started, such as the Majadas, Alvarado (La Risca) and Palma del Río 1 and 2 Plants, in which AKO, has demonstrated its main qualities, customer relations and proximity, flexibility and capacity for being able to develop different works at the same time, showing its extensive knowledge and experience guaranteeing the criticality of Electrical Heat-Tracing in this type of plants, assuring the circulation of the molten salt fluid at high temperatures, to prevent undesired Plant shutdowns.

In recent years, the company has been awarded the tender for supplying and assembling the Electrical Heat-Tracing of numerous Thermo-Solar Power Plants in Spain, including Andasol I and II (Granada), Extresol I and II (Badajoz), Manchasol I and II (Ciudad Real), Gemasolar (Seville), Valle I and II (Cadiz), Lebrija I (Seville) and Samcasol I and II (Badajoz) with excellent results obtained by the participation and involvement of AKO, ‘s specialised team, providing maximum quality standards that guarantee the correct operation of each plant once finished, and its subsequent start-up.

It is currently carrying out other projects in thermo-solar power plants, that are also very large such as Andasol III (Granada), Extresol III (Badajoz), Astexol II (Badajoz), Aste 1A and 1B (Ciudad Real) in which its over 30 years of experience is extremely relevant, applying the technology of its AKOTRACE® solution with a high level of development, that allows it to continue to position itself as one of the leading companies in the concentrated solar thermal power energy field.