Wind energy in New Zealand

So our wind turbines produce some of the lowest-cost electricity in the country and receive no Government subsidy. They are a success because they deliver a great investment for their developers and for the country. In the South Island this has led to wind farms at White Hill, Mahinerangi and Mount Stuart, along with smaller developments and sites in the pipeline. Providing clean and green energy that is a perfect complement to our existing hydro generation and will help keep our hydro lakes fuller for longer.

Bjorn Lomborg is plain wrong in stating that the costs of onshore wind generation have risen in the past decade. Lomborg may be confusing the costs of on and offshore wind. Onshore wind farms are a proven technology that is becoming more and more efficient through better manufacturing etc. Offshore wind farms are a new technology that is still being developed.

We are expecting more onshore wind farms in New Zealand in the future because they are a sound investment in low-cost energy, as well as harnessing a sustainable resource.

ERIC PYLE, Chief executive, NZ Wind Energy Association,