Electric Car and Hybrid Batteries & Battery Material Suppliers

This brand new report looks in detail at both battery manufacturers and battery material suppliers, as well as key market intelligence such as supplier market share information.

Brand new research on battery & battery material suppliers

This report highlights the findings of research conducted throughout 2011 by ABOUT Automotive. Extensive primary research was undertaken for this report, including many senior-level interviews at the major companies involved in the sector. A significant part of the research was conducted on the ground in Japan, where the Japanese battery and battery material manufacturers have held a more than 90% supply share since the Prius and Insight launches in the late 1990s.

This first edition study provides fresh, unbiased insight in a number of areas, including:

– The market for EV/hybrid batteries and battery material suppliers, determining the trends and topical issues, as well as providing valuable market sector data;

– The main manufacturers in both the battery and battery material supplier sectors;

– Vehicle manufacturer strategy analysis of the major players involved with EV/hybrid batteries; and

– Statistical appendix including model-level sales data for EV/hybrid vehicles.

Companies Mentioned

– Asahi Kasei

– BYD Battery Co.

– Carlos Ghosn

– GS Yusa Corp. (Lithium Energy Japan)

– Hitachi Chemical

– Honda

– Johnson Controls Inc.

– JSR Corp.

– Kanto Denka Kogyo Co.

– Kureha

– LG Chem Ltd.

– Mazda

– Mitsubishi Chemical

– Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

– Mitsui Chemicals

– NEC Corp. (Automotive Energy Supply Corp.)

– Nippon Power Graphite Co. Ltd.

– Nissan

– Panasonic Corp.

– Primearth EV Energy Co.

– Saft Groupe SA

– Sanyo Electric Co.

– Suzuki

– Toshiba Corp.

– Toyota

– UBE Industries