Differentiating Concentrating Solar Power fact from fiction

The most damaging headlines will be tackled head on by CSP stakeholders. Today’s facts, figures and forecasts will be presented to demonstrate how the industry is going from strength to strength in 2012

In a competitive energy market the only technologies that will survive is the one that produces the lowest cost of electricity. In a battlefield based on strict price points the market choices has led to the belief that the cheapest technology will win. Yet when you dig deeper it soon becomes clear that cheap does not mean value and suitability for utilities and grid operators.

That is where CSP comes in, it has many valuable attributes that meets the needs of policy makers, state governors, utilities and grid operators. Yet there have been many headlines that have not reflected the full value of CSP. Heidi Hafes, Senior Research and Event Organizer, CSP Today said ‘the time has come to set the record straight about CSP technology, and we will be kick starting this with the CSP Today Myth Busting Webinar: Facts, figures and forecasts on how the CSP industry will combat competition and reduce costs.’

The experts leading the campaign include Bob Stojanovic, Director Solar Power North America, ABB, Bud Bebbe, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, Energy R&D, SMUD, Kevin Smith, CEO, Solar Reserve, Arnold Leitner, CEO, Arnold Leitner & Partners and Lawrence E. Jones, Vice President, Regulatory Affairs, Policy & Industry Relations, Alstom taking place on March 28th. ‘In 60 minutes we have set three clear objectives we hope to achieve and demonstrate CSP’s value and place in the US energy mix,’ said Hafes.

Rebut the most common criticisms about CSP technology, such as ‘it can’t compete with PV’ ‘it can only be funded with DoE loan guarantees’ ‘storage is not valued in today’s market’ to name a few. There will be a breadth of evidence presented by CSP experts as they tackle the toughest statements published to define today’s value proposition.

Demonstrate a developers, utility and CSP suppliers perspective on the role and value of CSP in the US energy market. The stakeholders will discuss why CSP is an attractive option for utilities, grid operators and policy makers, and how this will lead to more CSP MW deployment.

Examine the current status of the market, cost, technology and forecasts and discuss how the industry will develop the market conditions, drive down costs and improve technology efficiency that will boost CSP opportunities.

‘We are expecting a lively discussion with the high level panellist as they tackle a number of challenging published statements‘said Hafes. The webinar will take place on Wednesday 28th March, and it is free to attend.