Only wind power and solar energy can guarantee America’s energy independence

Robert Ehrlich’s commentary on energy policy suggests that more oil exploration and drilling will lead to energy independence ("Road to energy independence goes through ANWR and Keystone," March 11). This is largely a myth perpetuated by fossil fuel companies and their political allies in order to enhance their bottom lines.

In today’s global economy, anything and everything is subject to being sold to the highest bidder. Canadian tar-sands oil, American off-shore oil, natural gas and even coal are no exceptions.

George W. Bushonce suggested there was enough coal under our soil to make America energy independent for 250 years. There’s now an effort to approve the sale of Wyoming coal to China in unimaginable quantities.

The only way for the U.S. to be truly energy independent is to put solar power panels on every unshaded rooftop, wind turbines throughout the central plains, and build a sophisticated electrical grid to accommodate those uneven sources of energy. Such a national endeavor would also create a bonanza of new jobs.

By Andrew Henry,