Wind power in Texas: Corpus Christi wind farm with China’s Guodian wind turbines

With an investment of $ 20 million, the Port of Corpus Christi opened the first phase of the Harbor Wind Farm, the first to be built into an industrial port in North America.

Wind turbines are of the Chinese company Guodian United Power.

The Harbor wind farm began transmitting power to the grid last month. The construction of the wind energy project will have a total of six wind turbines installed and will generate an economic impact of more than $ 7 million for construction activities that will last six months.

"This wind power project is a step forward for the port to generate clean energy for the community, making it an honor to have in the port area to Revolution Energy, said Mike Carrell, President of the Port of Corpus Christi.

No doubt, this wind farm will position the Port of Corpus Christi as a key center for wind energy. The wind farm is generating 30 million kWh / year of clean energy, equal to the electricity needs of about 2,500 homes. "The port has been very supportive of this wind power project from the beginning."

Since 2006, Revolution Energy is developing the wind farm on the north side of the dock along Nueces Bay. This first phase will go through a trial period of six months, only then will give continuity to the second phase includes the installation of seven wind turbines.

"Our wind power project is another sign of the diversification of energy supply in the port and the local community," said Tibor Hegedus, CEO of Energy Revolution.

By José Santamarta,