Wind energy in Mexico: new Acciona wind farm of 306 MW

Acciona invested $ 670 million in a wind farm of 306 megawatts in La Ventosa, in the Mexican state of Oaxaca, the largest wind farm in Latin America.

Acciona is a leader in wind power in Mexico, with 556.5 megawatts distributed in Oaxaca II, III, and IV (306 MW) and Eurus (250.5 MW). Mexico’s President Felipe Calderon will attend wind farm Oaxaca II, III and IV, operated by Acciona in southern Mexico, and formalize its inauguration.

Acciona completed installation of 204 wind turbines to complete these wind farms, all of 1.5 MW Acciona Windpower technology and, in the first months of this year has progressively come on stream.

In March 2010 the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) awarded to Acciona construction and operation of wind turbines of the wind farm.

The average annual production of wind turbines located in the Isthmus of Tehuantepec is of 1,129 billion kilowatt hours, representing the energy consumption of 700,000 homes in Mexico, and avoid the annual emission to the atmosphere of 670 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Wind power in Mexico

2004: 2 MW
2005: 2 MW
2006: 84 MW
2007: 85 MW
2008: 85 MW
2009: 202 MW
2010: 517 MW
2011: 873 MW
2014: 2.500 MW (p)
2020: 12.000 MW (p)

By José Santamarta,