Wind power and solar energy resources in Oman

In association with European Union-GCC Clean Energy Network, Sultan Qaboos University held a two-day seminar on wind energy and solar power resources assessment at Crowne Plaza on February 27 and 28.

The event was addressed by local energy experts and researchers including engineers, wind resource project developers, Concentrated Solar Power and Photovoltaic project developers, researchers and students specialising in wind turbines and solar energy sector.

Ivan Moya Mallafre of National Renewable Energy Research Centre (CENER), Spain, delivered presentations on wind resource assessment in which he addressed the most important aspects of wind resource analysis and technology.

Mallafre said that Oman has coastlines stretching for more than 1,700 km which ensure the existence of an active movement of the wind along the coastal areas during breeze. Dr Yassine Charabi of SQU said that studies have identified significant wind energy potential in coastal areas in the southern part of Oman and in the mountains north of Salalah.