Market for Small Wind Turbines is Anticipated to Grow at an Exponential Rate

The United States is a major market for small power turbines. The market for small wind power turbines is anticipated to grow at an exponential rate in the coming years boosted by the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) introduced by the government in 2009.

Increased investments in the industry from the private sector, coupled with favorable incentives from the government are driving the market for small wind power turbines. While challenges remain in the market, it is likely that the industry will overcome these challenges and maintain a pattern of steady growth in the years to come.

The wind energy market in the US has witnessed enormous growth in the past few years as the US has started increasing its use of renewable energy resources. The exponential growth of the wind energy market is fueled by the depleting reserves of fossil fuels, declining cost of wind power generation and a growing sensitivity for the environment in the US.

Small wind turbines are lightweight, which allow them to function with the lightest wind. These can be mounted on roof tops like a television antennae, and do not produce much noise. The most commonly used technology for these turbines is Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine, but other technologies like Loopwing Turbine (produce very less noise) are also available in the market.

For years, small wind turbines have been used to generate power to charge batteries. Technical developments have increased the efficiencies of these turbines, which are now being used to power homes and businesses. Further, government support and awareness for renewable energy, is likely to help the market for small wind turbines grow rapidly.