Geothermal energy in Japan

Kalina Cycle EcoGen Unit commenced. Wasabi planned the unit and was constructed by the group’s licensed manufacturing partner in China.

The unit is set up in the Matsunoyama Onsen hot spring at Tokamachi, Niigata in Japan and the plant harnesses -100 degree temperature geothermal energy.

Chairman John Byrne added, "The Japanese government’s strategy to utilise abundant thermal energy from its hot springs to generate renewable power is very exciting, Wasabi Energy has been working on the development of these Kalina Cycle EcoGen units for a number of years in collaboration with our colleagues at GERD. The miniaturisation of Kalina Cycle technology for the EcoGen units was made possible as a result of our engineering team making a number of important innovations, particularly in relation to the incorporation of next-generation micro-turbine technology."

Japan’s Senior Vice Minister of the Environment, Mr. Katsuhiko Yokomitsu opened the plant, and the installation is a part of the Japanese state sponsored research and development project.

The local area will be benefited by the geothermal power produced by the Kalina Cycle EcoGen unit, added Wasabi.

He added, "Recent events in Japan have demonstrated the increased importance of decentralised power generation. Japan has shown leadership in its efforts to diversify its power generation mix away from conventional sources such as coal and nuclear generation towards more sustainable sources. In addition to the existing geothermal capacity in Japan, along with GERD we see significant potential to support many businesses, municipalities and local communities to incorporate EcoGen units into local hot springs to provide a reliable and renewable source of electricity."

He further stated, "This plant is the fourth in Japan, following a demonstration plant by MITI in Fukuoka in 1998, there are two other Kalina Cycle plants presently operating in Japan.The Kalina Cycle technology is continuing to build momentum as an important technology for efficiently generating clean power. We continue to work with leading organisations across key global markets to ensure our cornerstone technology is understood, demonstrated and ultimately adopted on a large scale, globally. Wasabi Energy is leading the way in providing technology for a clean energy future."