Electric vehicles in Basque Country

In Barakaldo, Vizcaya, Regional Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism Bernabé Unda inaugurated Monday the Control Centre in the BEC Tower for IBIL, the electric vehicles charge manager established in 2010 by the Basque Government through the Basque Energy Entity (EVE) and Repsol.

IBIL has a new Control Centre at its headquarters in the BEC Tower, in Vizcaya, that will enable it to provide a service of higher quality and safety to its customers. It will be used to control all of the recharging points installed by IBIL, both for public service and for individuals or businesses, the electric vehicles of its electric car sharing subsidiary IBILEX (the electric car hire service operating since January), and the renewable electricity purchasing conditions.

The inaugural event, attended by over 200 people, was headed by Regional Minister for Industry, Innovation, Trade and Tourism Bernabé Unda, accompanied by Repsol director for New Energies Josu Jon Imaz, IBIL Chairman Emiliano López Atxurra, and management from the automotive companies with which IBIL has signed collaboration agreements: RENAULT Spain Executive Director Armando García Otero, PEUGEOT Spain Executive Director Antonio González, NISSAN Iberia CEO and Executive Director Manuel de la Guardia, Berge y Cia Chairman Jaime Gorbeña Yllera, GENERAL MOTORS Spain Institutional Relations Director José María Garrido, and TOYOTA Spain Corporate Affairs Director Karl Van Dijck. It was also attended by Agustin Markaide, chairman of Eroski, a company with which IBIL signed an agreement to install recharging points at its supermarkets and shopping centres.

In addition to visiting the new control centre, those attending had the opportunity to learn about the electric vehicles currently being marketed by the makes mentioned, which were on display at the IBIL headquarters.