Wind energy in Philippines: 700 MW of wind farm projects get nod

The department cleared the application of CoastalPower Development Corp.’s Prieto-Diaz wind farm in Sorsogon province, which has a capacity to generate 420 MW of power, the biggest approved to date. The department also gave the greenlight to CoastalPower’s 100-MW Mercedes wind power project in Camarines Norte.

Approved contracts include those of Energy Logics Philippines’ 100-MW North Pasuquin wind farm in Pasuquin-Burgos, Ilocos Norte, and 112-MW Mt. Redondo wind energy project in Zambales.

The others are Philippine Hybrid Energy Systems Inc.’s 15-MW Puerto Galera wind turbines project, PhilCarbon Inc.’s in Sagada and Bulalacao and Pan Energy Corp.’s Redondo wind turbines project.

Wind farm developers are waiting for the release of the feed-in tariff that will guarantee them a fixed rate over a 20-year period. The feed-in tariff is undergoing hearings at the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Wind farm developers, who are members of the Wind Energy Development Association of the Philippines, are also in talks with National Grid Corporation of the Philippines for the construction of transmission lines that will support the development of their projects.

National Grid has proposed a new transmission project, called the Northern Luzon 230-kV Looping project, that will serve the needs of wind projects in the north.

“This project aims to loop the north-western and north-eastern 230 kV backbone in Luzon in order to provide adequate transmission facilities in catering to the huge wind power generation potential in the region and at the same time improve the overall reliability of the transmission network,” National Grid said in its draft Transmission Development Plan 2011-2020.

Wind turbines in Philippines

2004: 25 MW
2005: 25 MW
2006: 25 MW
2007: 25 MW
2008: 25 MW
2009: 33 MW
2010: 33 MW

Alena Mae S. Flores,