Wind energy in India: Gamesa launches 2 MW wind turbine

Gamesa India launched G97-2 MW wind turbines in India. It launched the G97 in the global wind power market last year and has secured contracts to supply 356 MW worldwide.

Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy Farooq Abdullah launched Gamesa’s G97-2 MW wind turbine in India at the third International Wind Conference and Exhibition. The wind turbines are designed for low wind farm sites.

According to Ramesh Kymal, Chairman and Managing Director of Gamesa India, the wind energy sector in India is expanding rapidly and shifting focus to moderate and low-wind sites. G97 is designed to cater to these emerging opportunities.

Mr. Kymal told this correspondent that the company looked at installing 11 wind turbines by March this year. In 2012, “we hope to install 100 wind turbines,” he said. Gamesa India was going in for increasing very high indigenous content. The wind turbines would have over 65 per cent of indigenised content by the end of this year.

The company invested Rs.550 crore last year in Baroda and Chennai facilities. This year, it would be Rs.150 crore. The Baroda plant was functional and the Chennai one would start operations by May this year.

The company had capacities to deliver 1,500 MW annually with single shift operations. It could scale up capacities if the demand shot up.The total installations for Gamesa in India last year was 600 MW. This year it was expected to be 750 MW.

The company had installations of 30 MW last year in Sri Lanka. There were interests for the 2 MW machines too now from Sri Lanka too. Maldives could also be a potential market, he said.