Wind energy in Spain: new wind farm in Castilla-La Mancha

With a capacity of 16 megawatts, ‘El Chaparro’ wind farm will produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of around 12,000 homes.

The new wind farm, located in Guadalajara province (central Spain), takes the wind power capacity owned by the company in the region of Castilla-La Mancha to 560 MW.

Acciona Energy has grid connected the El Chaparro wind farm, a 16-megawatt wind power facility located in central Spain, the municipalities of Alcolea del Pinar and Saúca (region of Guadalajara). It will produce clean energy equivalent to the electricity consumption of around 12,000 homes.

The wind power park, equipped with eight 2-MW wind turbines, is included in the preliminary allocation register for the remuneration of special regime plants of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The new wind power plant will avoid the emission of around 32,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere a year in conventional coal-fired power plants, and it has a cleaning effect on the air through photosynthesis equivalent to 1.6 million trees. It will also replace fossil fuels equivalent to almost 20,000 barrels of oil a year.

El Chaparro is the eighteenth wind farm that Acciona operates and owns in the Castilla-La Mancha. Its total wind power capacity in the region is 559.50 MW, distributed between the provinces of Albacete (341.50 MW, 9 wind parks, Cuenca (96 MW, 5 wind farms), Ciudad Real (76 MW, 2 wind farms) and Guadalajara (46 MW, 2 wind parks). The total number of wind turbines is 329. Acciona has also installed 32 wind farms for other customers in the region, with a total capacity of 1,178 MW.

In Spain as a whole Acciona owns 164 wind farms, totaling 4,637 MW. In addition to Castilla-La Mancha, the wind power plants belonging to the Company are located in other regions: Galicia (40 wind parks), Navarra (27), Valencia (26), Andalusia (21), Castilla y León (21), Catalonia (5), Asturias (3), Aragon (2) and the Basque Country (1). For its customers, Acciona has built 32 wind farms in Castilla-La Mancha, 3 in Castilla y León, 2 in Murcia and 1 in Galicia.

Acciona has 5 concentrating solar thermal power plants (264 MW) and one of the world’s largest photovoltaic solar energy plant (46 MWp).