Wind power in Angola: 100 MW wind farm planned for Tômbwa district

Speaking to ANGOP in light of the workshop on “Environmental Technologies”, promoted by the aforesaid ministry, the national director for renewable energy, Sandra Cristóvão, referred that, in Namibe province, the sector identified a wind potential with an average wind speed of 5,2 metres per second (m/s), at a height of 40 metres.

According to Sandra Cristóvão, the necessary technical documents for the construction of this wind farm have been elaborated. “Concerning wind  energy, there are two stages to follow. The first relates to the expansion of this energy system to various regions and give firm steps to build this wind farm that will link the southern network”, he said.

Besides projects linked to wind energy energy, the sector equally identified biomass projects, both of forest residues as well as of urban residues (organic), which can serve as a source of electricity.

Angola prepares the technical documentation necessary for the construction of this wind farm, which will have 50 wind turbines of two megawatts each.

In addition to projects related to wind power sector also identified biomass projects, both from forest wastes such as municipal solid waste (organic), which can serve as a source of supply.

It is also in advanced study of photovoltaic solar power projects, such as the so-called "Casa Solar", which is the training center of Minea.

By José Santamarta,