NREL, Gamesa to research advanced wind turbines

Gamesa Technology Corp. will collaborate with the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory to develop the next generation of wind turbines for the U.S.

The Spanish wind energy company has its North American headquarters in Middletown and a wind power manufacturing facility in Falls. The collaboration would focus on three areas: developing new wind turbine components and rotors for the U.S. wind farm market; researching and testing new control strategies; and devising models for offshore wind farm developments in U.S. coastal waters.

"Wind energy is going to continue to play a key role in creating a stronger and more sustainable American economy," Miguel Angel Gonzalez-Posada, vice president of technology for Gamesa North America, said in a statement. "This partnership is an exciting venture that showcases Gamesa’s commitment to enhanced clean energy development, as well as our drive to deliver the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective wind turbine technologies to the U.S. marketplace."