AEE believes that a moratorium on wind energy threatening industrial wind power sector in Spain

Before the surprise announcement by the Minister of Industry to suspend bonuses to new special regime wind power installations and in the absence of knowing the detail of the Royal Decree, the Association (AEE) wants to show his concern for a measure that jeopardizes wind turbines industry and jeopardizes the future development of this important wind energy sector, as well as over 30,000 people employed in it.

Wind power paralyzes today, when barely a few years left with no incentive to be competitive and has reached industrial maturity, it would risk a world-leading industry, which exports more than 2,400 million euros a year and is fundamental for energy independence of Spain.

Furthermore, with this measure the government is not taking into account the important benefits of wind power for the Spanish economy.

The wind power industry is aware of the difficult economic situation and is willing to cooperate in finding satisfactory solutions for both the country and the future development of the wind power sector. It also wants to emphasize that in no case is the cause of the tariff deficit so it should not be the bulk of the solution.

Therefore, AEE asked the Government for an urgent meeting to explain the gravity of the situation.

Finally, AEE considers that the Ministry takes into account the implementation of wind farms in the Canary Islands subject to a quota but not yet registered for the benefits they bring to the Spanish economy, having a lower generation costs of conventional power plants .