Geothermal Energy Association statement on president Obama’s State of the Union address

Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) Executive Director Karl Gawell provided the following statement: "For over three decades, the United States has struggled to change directions on energy dependency and environmental degradation, and now it looks like we finally are turning a corner. The newly released EIA Energy Outlook for 2012 shows that we are making significant progress on these unyielding problems. EIA projects that renewable power production is up and will continue to grow, while greenhouse gas emissions and oil imports are beginning to decrease. Together, the EIA Energy Outlook reports from the past three years confirm this is a trend. The nation is moving into a new energy era—and that is good news for future generations of Americans.

The State of the Union is expected to affirm the start of a new energy era, and President Obama should be applauded for steering the nation towards a path that avoids national security and climate disasters. He should be afforded the credit that is due for his leadership and Administration, while recognizing that the roots of this change go back to bi-partisan policies initiated before this Administration.

But, in his address to Congress, we hope President Obama makes it clear that there will be no turning back when it comes to energy. We are only just starting to turn the corner. Geothermal, like other renewable technologies, has only begun to grow toward its potential. And now, more than ever, bi-partisan support is needed to ensure that the growth of clean, domestic renewable energy production is accelerated. Greenhouse gas emissions and our dependence on oil imports need to be reduced as quickly as possible. The President and Congress need to find a way through the thicket of election-year partisanship and do what is right for the nation–keep us on a path to a clean, secure energy future."

The Geothermal Energy Association (GEA) is a trade association composed of U.S. companies who support the expanded use of geothermal energy and are developing geothermal resources worldwide for electrical power generation and direct-heat uses. GEA advocates for public policies that will promote the development and utilization of geothermal Resources, provides a forum for the industry to discuss issues and problems, encourages research and development to improve geothermal technologies, presents industry views to governmental organizations, provides assistance for the export of geothermal goods and services, compiles statistical data about the geothermal industry, and conducts education and outreach projects.