Wind energy in Turkey

Erdogan seeks to stimulate the market for wind energy in Turkey. The Turkish government plans to install 400 megawatts of wind power by year’s end.

Turkey has huge plans to boost its domestic production of wind turbines. Through the implementation of policies, Ankara will aim to encourage domestic companies to curb imports and increase local content in the manufacture of wind turbines.

The draft prepared by the government led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has a duration of twenty years and the cost should be around 20 billion dollars.

In this context, a key role is played by the Superior Council of Turkish Scientific and Technological Research, known by the acronym Tübitak. This body, in fact, has the task of promoting the creation of new wind power companies to disseminate new technologies and improving existing ones. The Tübitak also deal with the technical assistance that will be conducted by qualified personnel.

Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey said that the legislative action on wind energy will take into account the orientations of the TUBITAK. Ankara is planning to install at least 400 megawatts of wind farm in late 2012. The total cost of this operation, about 500 million dollars.

Wind energy in Turkey

End 1998: 9 MW (- %)
End 1999: 9 MW (- %)
End 2000: 19 MW (+111.2 %)
End 2001: 19 MW (- %)
End 2002: 19 MW (- %)
End 2003: 21 MW (+10.6 %)
End 2004: 21 MW (- %)
End 2005: 20 MW (-4.7 %)
End 2006: 65 MW (+225 %)
End 2007: 207 MW (+218.5 %)
End 2008: 333 MW (+60.9 %)
End 2009: 801 MW (+140.6 %)
End 2010: 1,329 MW (+66 %)

By José Santamarta,