Wind energy in Russia: wind farm in Kurgan

It will be the region’s first wind energy source. Climate is a key decisive factor in such projects. The preliminary measurements confirmed that the local wind resources were stable and strong enough to make wind power generation efficient. Yaroslav Sigidov is the wind farm project’s General Director, and this is what he says:

"The wind farm will have a 50-megawatt capacity, becoming the biggest in Russia. Windspeeds in the Kurgan region make it possible to install 2-3-megawatt wind turbines. Between 15 and 20 wind turbines are planned to be installed."

Wind power plants are not new to Russia. In the middle of the past century, the country was the world’s top wind power producer. The first wind turbines appeared in Soviet times, but their capacity was rather low, while the Kurgan wind farm will be something absolutely up-to-date.

Yaroslav Sigidov: "This will be Russia’s first wind farm using modern technology and multi-megawatt wind turbines. Russia with its vast territory has great wind energy prospects. There are regions where wind farm construction is economically feasible, cost-effective and profitable."

The Intertechelectro company continues taking measurements using special devises installed at a different height on 200-meter masts. After the wind data is processed, the engineering and design stage will begin in cooperation with German specialists. Construction will be launched next year and is slated for completion in 2014. The Kurgan wind farm will be operated by the Kurganskaya VES shareholding company.