5,579 electric cars sold in China in 2011

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers statistics regarding electric vehicles have recently been released. According to the CAAM statistics, 8,368 electric vehicles were manufactured in 2011, while 8,159 electric vehicles were sold. Both numbers are much higher than their respective 2010 figures.

Hybrid electric car sales in 2011 didn’t perform nearly as well as those for pure electric cars. According to CAAM statistics, 5,655 pure electric vehicles were manufactured in the year, while only 2,713 hybrids were made. Meanwhile, annual sales for electric cars and hybrids totaled 5,579 and 2,580 units, respectively. Sedans and buses accounted for 61 percent and 28 percent of all electric vehicle sales, respectively.

The plan for energy-saving and electric vehicles for 2011 to 2020 is still pending further approval from the authorities. What the final legislation says will be crucial in determining how the market for electric vehicles fares in the coming year. CAAM Executive Vice Chairman and Secretary General Dong Yang is optimistic that the new revised plans will be ready soon.