Nissan chief says electric cars will have 10% market share by 2020

Nissan Motor Co. Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn expects U.S. sales of the electric vehicles Nissan Leaf will double to at least 20,000 this year as the electric car goes on sale in more states.

Nissan sold 9,674 electric vehicles Leafs last year, but the electric car was initially available in only seven states. It’s now available in 30 states.

Ghosn says improved inventory will also boost sales. The company now makes the electric car Leaf in Japan, but plans to start building Leafs in the Tennessee later this year.

The Leaf outsold the Chevrolet Volt, its nearest competitor, by around 2,000 cars. Unlike the Leaf, which is a pure electric, the Volt has a backup gas engine. Ghosn remains bullish on the electric car market, saying he believes they’ll make up 10 percent of sales by 2020.