Save the Planet & Cut Costs with Solar Energy

The Australian government is struggling over issues such as carbon tax and renewable energy. The good news is its plan to make the move from coal to renewables is getting a lot of support across Australia.

Solar power prices are dropping and solar panel prices are also falling because the price of silicon, its main ingredient, dropped to $25 per kg from $450 per kg in 2008. Solar Power Tamworth sells solar thermal panels, solar hot water systems, LED lighting and other sustainable energy products to the residential, commercial and accommodation sectors.

Mick Daniels, director and owner of Solar Power says, “We are local with local employees, all our installers, electricians and plumbers are local companies with a very good reputation and are all qualified and accredited for installing clean energy systems.”

Solar power is fast becoming one of the most popular solutions for homeowners as it helps reduce their carbon footprint and reduce their electricity bills. Solar power system installation is the easiest and most cost-efficient way to reduce fossil fuels consumption and provide a healthier planet for future generations. Solar power is completely free from CO2 emissions and the average solar system will totally offset the carbon produced to make the unit within just 1.5 years.

Solar Power Tamworth is the dealer for Solar Power Pty Ltd, a large company solely owned and backed by Australian company Asti Vita Renewables. Solar Power Tamworth installs solar power systems and provides a one-stop solution to the customer’s needs. After listening to what the customer wants and needs, Solar Power will assess the situation, arrange all paperwork, and dispatch licensed electricians to carry out the installation.