Infocast’s 2nd Annual Wind Power & Solar Energy Integration Summit Returns

Infocast will hold the Second Annual Wind & Solar Integration Summit in Scottsdale, AZ on January 18 – 20, 2012. As wind turbines and solar panels pop up across the landscape, a new problem has emerged: how to integrate these assets into a power system designed to deliver power dispatched from traditional gas, coal and nuclear power plants to customers. This Summit will provide a unique opportunity for energy professionals to identify the most effective and economically viable solutions to integration challenges, and examine the potential impacts of today’s policy initiatives on integration of wind and solar power assets.

As penetration of these variable renewable energy sources reach significant levels, utilities, renewable energy project developers and government regulators face the costly problem of reliably delivering power from these clean energy resources to market. This is significant as the curtailment of wind power deliveries in the Pacific Northwest in 2011 resulted in millions of dollars of losses.

This event is a unique meeting hub that will bring together regulators, grid operators and utilities with developers of renewables, and transmission and energy storage. It will boast a diverse roster of over 40 speakers from organizations including Xcel Energy, Arizona Public Service, Invenergy LLC, Sunedison, California ISO, Southwest Power Pool, Beacon Power, A123 Systems, California Public Utilities Commission, Minnesota Public Utilities Commission, and many others.

The 2012 Wind & Solar Integration Summit will provide discussions of utility scale and rooftop solar challenges and potential solutions, and three case studies on perhaps the most intriguing solution to variability, integrating power storage technology into wind and solar projects.