Impsa commissions the largest wind energy project in Latin America

The Agência Nacional de Energia Elétrica –ANEEL– has approved the commencement of commercial operation of Amparo Energía Eólica with 22.5 MW of installed wind power.

The approval of the Amparo Wind Farm, located in the municipality of Água Doce (State of Santa Catarina), represents the completion and commercial commissioning by Energimp of the last of the 10 wind farms that make up the Santa Catarina wind energy project, which totals 222 MW of installed capacity.

It is important to note that Energimp is an IMPSA and FI-FGTS-controlled company. The wind farms are equipped with IV 77 wind turbines of 1.5 MW, provided by WPE, an IMPSA Group company. The entire project was financed by Caixa Econômica Federal, the bank managing the funds provided by the BNDES (National Development Bank).

For this project, the CELESC 138-kv power grid had to be reinforced in an area of the State of Santa Catarina which lacked power transmission infrastructure. This made it possible to increase productivity and improve the connection with other power generation plants.

The increase from 4.8 MW to 226.8 MW of installed capacity in the State of Santa Catarina contributes to the promotion of wind energy in Brazil.

From the economic and social point of view, this is also a great achievement since low-income families living in Santa Catarina have benefited from the creation of 1500 direct jobs and more than 7000 indirect jobs. This will, in turn, improve municipal, state and federal tax collection rates.

Impsa Energy is the largest investor in wind power in Latin America, with 322 MW in projects already in commercial operation, 285 MW in projects under construction, and with purchase and sale contracts signed with different countries for a total of 535 MW and assets of 1200 MW under development.

By José Santamarta,