Wind energy in Brazil: 1,400 MW in 2011

Brazil will end the year 2011 with more than 1,400 MW of wind farm capacity. The volume is higher than initial forecasts of the government and industry, of 1,200 MW. The reason was the anticipation of wind farm plants traded in the first auction of the source, in 2009, and should become operational only in 2012.

This is the case of wind power complex Mangue Seco in Guamaré (RN) who has four wind farm plants with 104 MW. Petrobras participates in four wind farm projects in partnership with Alubar Eletrobras and Wobben Windpower (Enercon), which was responsible for the installation of wind energy plants.

Another wind farm that began operating earlier was Cerro Chato (90 MW), of Eletrosul and Wobben Windpower in Santana do Livramento (RS). The wind farm was commissioned in the first auction to operate in the country.

A total of 17 wind energy farms began generating in 2011, adding 435.8 MW to the electrical grid, according to Aneel. Of these, 275.8 MW were remnants of Proinfa and the rest of the auction’s exclusive source. Only in the last quarter went into operation about 200 MW.

According to Aneel, Brazil has 1422.92 MW of wind farm capacity spread over 54 wind energy plants in the Northeast, South and Southeast.

By José Santamarta,