Auto industry proposes increased awareness for electric vehicles in India

Currently, electric cars account for only 2-3 per cent of the total vehicles plying in India, a figure that will rise marginally, to 5 per cent, in the coming 5 years. Auto experts worldwide are constantly emphasising upon the increasing user awareness about electric cars as these run on electricity, a clean fuel that emits no harmful gases in the environment. In the wake of depleting oil reserves, there is an immediate need of focussing on electric cars. Foreseeing the need of such vehicles, auto makers across the globe are developing new electric cars, though they are faced by many obstacles.

Recently, Nissan unveiled its new Leaf, the Japanese car maker’s first electric car, while its French partner Renault is expected to take the curtains off an electric car of its own soon. Locally speaking, Mahindra and Mahindra, one of the top car makers of India, acquired REVA, the highest selling electric car in the world. The 2010 New Delhi Auto Expo had seen the NXR and NXG versions of this car; while the former is already selling in India, the latter is expected to hit the markets soon. Apart from that, Tata Motors has exhibited electric versions of Nano and Vista, General Motors has displayed Chevrolet Spark Electric and Hyundai has launched i10 EV in India.

In spite of many electric vehicles in India, the country lacks the infrastructure needed to support such cars. The country faces a power shortage and there are hardly any charging points available for electricity-powered automobiles. Apart from that, rising car prices, unavailability of spares and insufficient number of trained electricians also stop the growth of electric vehicles in the country. It is high time that the government stepped in and took matters into its hands if it wishes to salvage the future of the auto industry.