Focus on Solar Power – Sunbelt International (SUNB)

Sunbelt International (SUNB) the progressive growing clean energy company that provides clean, renewable sources of power generation will look to take advantage of generous grants and tax breaks by government, with the aim of increasing clean energy usage.

Wind power is growing at the rate of 30% annually and solar power production growth has averaged 40% per year since 2000. Add to the mix ,from 2007 through 2010, fed subsidies jumped from $5.1 billion to $14.7 billion and 2010 investment into renewable energy was over $200 billion.

Sunbelt International (SUNB) say’s it can take advantage of this massive market and is eyeing growth in both the solar energy and wind energy divisions. Wind Energy may soon be the cheapest way to produce energy on a large scale and Sunbelt International is poised perfectly in the market.

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